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Hair Removal by Waxing

Therapist with over 20 years of experiences in hair removal. 

Strict hygiene standards are one of our main core values in all our treatments in accordance with Singapore health regulations, enabling us to not only perform the finest men’s or women’s hair removal treatments, but also the safest.

Benefits of removing hair by waxing?

  • We use waxes from Waxxxx that is manufactured in Europe with the greatest grade of ingredients from all around the world. The quality is truly set apart.

  • Waxxxx waxes contains higher percentage of lanolin to moisturise and protect the skin before and after the lift-off, leaving the skin super smooth and supple.

  • Re-growth is extra soft and fine.

  • Post-waxing care calms and soothes the skin tremendously, minimize irritations and ingrown hair.

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